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Samsung x Diplo Can't Stop

The mix that only plays when you move

“Move” is a series of fitness accessories from Samsung that helps everyday people stay active. The brief was to promote the products to non-athletes who want to get fit. But for an audience more into music and culture than fitness, it takes motivation.

Introducing “Can’t Stop” by Grammy-winning DJ/Producer Diplo, an exclusive 30-minute mix with a catch: you have to move to play it. Your phone’s GPS and accelerometer detect movement to play the mix, which is comprised of new, unreleased content. Run, jump, dance, pogo - the app doesn’t discriminate. Just don’t stop.

It was the music that motivated people to move, so the design had to do the same. Elements with multiple states gamified movement: the visuals got more dynamic as a person moved, and slower and smaller when they slowed down, making them feel like they “Can’t Stop.”

This dynamic visualization was applied to both the mobile app and the product launch party, where Diplo performed a live show at Samsung 837 in NYC.

Experience on your smart phone:


D&AD Wood Pencil Cannes 3 Shortlists Webbys Winner, Honoree London Internation Awards Bronze Clio Shortlist One Show Merit Fast Company's Innovation by Design awards Honorable Mention


Chris Northam, Eric Jannon, Tristan Kincaid, Trevor Eld, Qian Qian, Thibault Gerard, Katie Facada, Cesar Marchetti, Jenny Wu

Mobile, Integrated Campaign

Art Direction, Visual Design

Can't Stop

Can't Stop
Can't Stop